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Director - Robert Harrowa possesses many years of experience as a successful small business owner. He has had several years of experience in social programs and is knowledgeable about addiction, codependency and communication techniques. He has worked with adolescents using the "Say it Straight" program and conducted groups for men. He is a graduate of Black Hills State University and he brings experience coupled with education to lead this organization.


Robert & Evelyn

  • Evelyn Leite, MHR, LPC, Author, counselor, and trainer with 40 years of experience in the addictions and mental health fields. Highly regarded for her seminars in multicultural counseling and education, she gives special attention to issues with people from varying cultural and ethnic backgrounds. She has designed and implemented many family programs and is proficient in spiritual and grief counseling, and incorporates feelings and compassion in the therapeutic relationship. As a counselor, her specialties included chemical dependency, addictions, co-dependency, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and spiritual abuse. She is noted for having attained success in trauma resolution, anxiety and depression, and more, utilizing EMDR. She has retired from active counseling to focus on her work as an author and to assist the work of this nonprofit, to get copies of her books into the hands of as many hurting individuals as possible.
  • As an author, she has published works by Hazelden Education Center, Johnson Institute, and Community Intervention, and now has several of her books available for purchase on Amazon.
  • In 2008 she was installed in the South Dakota Hall of Fame for her humanitarian work.
A Center for Training & Restoration came into existence in service to God and community, to enhance spiritual, mental, and emotional health to people of all ages, races, and backgrounds.


  • " Well worth a read. Hard to put down and I don't do reading, easily bored... This book is brilliant. It's one that hits home. Brilliant read! "
  • " Amazing insight! Written with so much compassion and insight into the impact of addiction on each member of the family while providing a roadmap to living a healthy life in spite of the many potential obstacles. "
  • " The beauty in Evelyn’s words are revealed in the raw honesty with which she faces such painful life events and as she inspires her readers to dig deep and manifest that same strengths within themselves. She brings her readers into these experiences in a way that helps them learn how to offer grace and love to one another even when a person is at their lowest and how to hold on until rebirth and change comes to fruition. She teaches how to love and accept yourself and how to be honest about the poor life choices each of us have been taught to cover up with deep seated shame. Evelyn shows us how telling the truth can bring a healing freedom to the soul. She demonstrates an inside view of alcoholism, grief and loss, family and friendships, faith and struggling through faithless moments in life, and building a legacy and how that can enable each of us to learn how to truly be somebody. Somebody that can live out the plans and purpose planted divinely within them. She is a brilliant and compassionate speaker, author and motivator who has courageously revealed her life experiences to bring each of us closer to living out our best selves. You will cry and cheer and hold your breath as you excitedly flip the pages and ultimately celebrate the many challenges you witness the human spirit overcome to bring about a fullness of life you never knew was possible. Bravo Evelyn! Bravo!! "
  • " The story was very interesting to me. There is a sister of mine who has struggled for decades with drugs, but not necessarily alcohol. I was unable to fully understand the inner demons she fought until now, however. Though I am not sure she is ready to read this book, I believe that I will be able to support her more because of it. I recommend this book if you are supporting someone through their addiction or if you are seeking recovery from addiction. "
  • " There are so many levels to which I can relate to the story. I really enjoyed the spiritual aspect of the book as well as the discussion of fear, confusion, anxiety, and seeking help in the book. It is remarkable how well this author captures the reader's attention, and how she offers the reader the assurance that everything will be fine with the right tools. I highly recommend this book! "
  • " I found this book to be very personal for me. Due to my own struggles with drugs and alcohol, I could really relate to the author's message. There are times when getting out of that headspace feels nearly impossible, and you feel very alone. This book reminded me that I am not alone, and that there are others who experience similar situations. Evelyn, thank you for this book. "